Did Clint Bowyer Get Engaged in Sonoma?

Oh, that crazy Clint Bowyer and the wacky words that roll out of his mouth.

Bowyer was his usual entertaining self at Sonoma Raceway, which he admitted is “almost like a vacation.”

“It really is for everybody — the wives, the girlfriends — they all go on wine tours, we get done with practice (Friday) and have our hands full with a complete mess on our hands. Everybody is having a lot of fun,” Bowyer said.

But did Bowyer have enough fun to get engaged?

That’s what many people thought Saturday when he tweeted from a bar in wine country.

It turns out Dwightf15 is the one who got engaged, and asked Bowyer for a congratulatory retweet. Bowyer obliged, breaking hearts from Kansas to Kernersville who mistakenly read the tweet as Bowyer’s own announcement.

Who knows? Maybe one is coming?

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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